What Marcoby Can Do For You

From new startups to established organizations, Marcoby is uniquely positioned to add value to your operations with our IT Solutions.

The Challenge of IT

As a business owner, you know that technology is constantly evolving, and it can be challenging to keep up. Without proper IT support, your business may struggle to stay competitive and meet the demands of your customers and employees.

By investing in IT services, you can ensure that your business has the support it needs to thrive in today's digital world. With the help of Marcoby, you can take advantage of new technologies to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. This will not only improve productivity but also help to protect against security threats and minimize downtime.

Who Needs Marcoby

In truth, all businesses can use our services or similar services from another provider. Between managing your team, serving your customers, and keeping your operations running smoothly, it's hard to find time to focus on your IT systems.  By outsourcing IT tasks to a managed service provider, you can save time, money, and stress.

Our proactive, cloud-first philosophy creates reliable networks and systems with minimal downtime. Monthly service agreements give you the flexibility to adjust to your needs. Marcoby clients often view us as a cost-effective and efficient way to keep their technology and operations running smoothly.


How Can This Help Your Business?

Managed Infrastructure

Having Marcoby manage your IT Infrastructure gives your organization a team of professionals monitoring and managing your infrastructure. Whether you have an internal IT team, an "IT guy", the smart co-worker that's good with computers, or no one at all, having Marcoby can help:

  • Avoid incidents or speed up the troubleshooting process to reduce downtime.
  • Reduce the opportunity for a security incident through routine updates.
  • Reduce operational complexity and improve manageability.

Managed Cybersecurity

Recent statistics show SMB companies accounted for 58% of all reported cyber-attacks. With the ease of access to malicious tools and emerging Malware-As-A-Service business models popping up on the Dark Web, it is now easier than ever to be compromised by a cybersecurity attack with the cost of an attack often bankrupting a company. Using Marcoby's comprehensive cyber security plan can:

  • Prevent attacks by identifying and fixing potential points of compromise.
  • Protect intellectual property and brand integrity improving trust from your clients.
  • Reduce impact of a successful attack with threat detection & incident response plans.
  • Avoid legal and financial consequences by satisfying compliance requirements.

Managed Unified Communications

Unified communications (UC) is a term that refers to the integration of various communication tools and applications, such as voice, video, chat, email, and collaboration platforms. UC can improve the efficiency and productivity of a business by enabling seamless communication and collaboration among employees, customers, and partners. However, managing UC can be challenging and costly for a business, especially if it involves multiple vendors, devices, and networks. Working with Marcoby can:

  • Reduce capital and operational expenses by consolidating multiple systems.
  • Maximize return on investment with a partner that can train staff manage daily administration.
  • Improve scalability through flexible and customizable options that match your business.
  • Streamline operations using process automation and workflows

Managed Help Desk

We can provide you with a team of experienced and certified professionals who can handle your IT issues efficiently and effectively. Our team can handle simple requests like password resets or new user setups or more involved issues like resolve error messages and interact with other vendors on your behalf. Leveraging Marcoby's Remote and Onsite Support Options can:

  • Save time and money on hiring, training, and retaining IT staff.
  • Improve customer satisfaction from your clients by having fast and reliable support.
  • Enhance employee satisfaction by having a team that can keep them productive.
  • Fill gaps in skill and knowledge for clients with in-house IT staff.

We manage the devices that connect your business


IT infrastructure is the hardware, software, networks, and services your business uses to operate daily.

We understand the critical importance of a well-managed IT infrastructure for businesses of all sizes. Our support and management services help our clients achieve optimal system performance reliability. We have the knowledge and resources to ensure the technologies you rely on are reliable.

Devices We Can Manage

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Small Business Server
‍Cloud Hosted

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Mac OS

Web art icon from Flaticon representing network switch



On-Demand Assistance Skilled at Solving Problems

Remote and Onsite Support

Partnering with Marcoby provides our clients with flexible and efficient IT solutions.

Remote Support enables faster diagnose and resolution of issues, while our Onsite Support provides a higher level of service in situations that require physical access to equipment or infrastructure. With our comprehensive support services, you have a team of problem solvers you can rely on.

Support Options We Can Provide

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IT Help Desk
IT Administration
User Onboarding/Offboarding

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Device Setup
IT Health Checks

Today's Threats Need More Than Antivirus and a Firewall


Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting computer systems, networks, and data from unauthorized access, damage, or theft.

Get the expertise and resources you need to protect your IT systems and data from cyber threats. With proactive threat detection, best practice identity and access management, and compliance assurance, our managed cybersecurity services allow your business to operate more safely in today's digital economy.

Protection We Can Provide

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Threat Managment

Threat Detection
Awareness Training
Network Security
Data Loss Prevention

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Identity & Access

Identity Governance
Role-Based Access
Privileged Access

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Security Assessments
Regulatory Compliance
Industry Compliance
Insurance Compliance

Modern Workplace Solutions

Unified Communications

Unified communications (UC) integrate various communication channels and tools into a single platform for your business.

UC can improve collaboration, productivity, and customer service while reducing costs and complexity. With UC, you can access voice, video, chat, email, and file sharing from any device, anywhere, anytime. You can also streamline workflows, host webinars, automate tasks, and integrate with other applications. UC gives you a competitive edge in today's fast-paced and dynamic market.

Options We Can Offer

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Company Intranet
File Sharing
Screen Sharing
Audio and Video Conferencing

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Centralized Notification/Alerts
3rd Party Application Integration
Conversation Transcription
Streamline Process Workflow

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