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Marcoby Infrastructure Management Focuses On

Proactive Management

We monitor your endpoints to prevent potential issues before they create disruptions. Expect less surprises from your systems as we take on the responsibility of monitoring and addressing any system or network issues.

Vendor Management

We work directly with your 3rd Party IT vendors as your IT department. This includes managing vendor relationships, resolving issues, and advising on strategic decisions regarding vendor partnerships to meet your requirements effectively.

Preventative Maintenance

Your systems receive regular updates, patches, and maintenance to ensure they're up to date and optimized for performance. Also enhance the protection of your systems by having Marcoby ensure system vulnerabilities are addressed early and with minimal impact to your operations.

Strategic IT Reviews

Our continuous monitoring and management inform us of the impact of technology on your business. Equipped with this knowledge, we meet with your regularly to discuss areas for improvement, cost-saving opportunities, and ensure alignment with your business goals.

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